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Edutech is an education-focused tech company that provides innovative learning solutions.

ASSET – ( English, Maths and Science )

ASSET consists of skill-based assessments that measure students’ conceptual understanding individually and collectively. Asset also enables schools with the ability to benchmark students’ performance at an international, national & regional level, providing actionable insights through easy-to-understand reports.

Benefits of Asset:

  • Teachers can understand each student’s learning gaps and can therefore improve teaching instruction.
  • Asset will enable teachers with the ability to create focused assessments and learning solutions to remedy misconceptions.
  • Insightful feedback reports for students, teachers and management.


How do your school's students perform compared to other schools and what areas need improvement?


Do students understand concepts deeply and are there any critical learning gaps?

Assess Teacher Effectiveness

What should your teachers do to improve classroom instruction?


Asset Software has been endorsed by  Harvard, MIT and Stanford. 

Mindsparks Math

Mindspark can be seen as a Teacher’s assistant. It is a personalized, adaptive learning software that uses Artificial Intelligence to identify individual learning gaps. Mindspark is able to create a customized learning path for each student, utilising questions, activities and games. It adapts to a student’s individual learning pace and provides instant feedback, ensuring competency in a particular area before allowing the student to enter a new category.

Benefits of Mindspark:

  • Students will have access to personalised learning and assessments.
  • Student/ teacher absence for a day will no longer be a setback.
  • Slow learners can learn at a pace that suits them, practicing and mastering concepts they have trouble with before being exposed to a new concept.
  • Fast learners can move onto more challenging material within the curriculum, continuously stimulating their minds.

Personalized Learning

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Mindspark has been revived by Harvard University and has also received product of the year at the IDA awards in 2018.